The cost and number of energy healing treatments needed to complete this program depends on each person’s individual situation, issue, and age. To participate in this healing treatment process each person must schedule an appointment to meet Dorothea in person to discuss and explain the process of the program, cost, number of sessions, the person’s intention, ask questions, express concerns, and to see if this process is compatible to the person. There is a fee for this private consultation. Dorothea works by appointment only.

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A Description of the Shaman’s Way of Healing

The Whole Infinite Transformation & Healing Treatment Program

Our holistic energy healing services are not a substitute for medical or psychological treatments. We do not diagnose, prescribe medication or work with caring for or curing diseases. We do not offer medical or psychological consultation. Please consult your doctor or mental health professional for medical services.

You have the power within yourself to create holistic wellness in your life. The power is your power of choice. We can assist you in achieving your desired intentions with the services we provide. Our healing techniques include very ancient energy healing techniques from the Universal Energy Medicine Wheel practiced by the Inca Shamans of the Sacred Valley, Peru, Tibetan Shamans of the East, and other ancient civilizations.

 We are happy to assist you with our services. Health is more than an absence of disease. Health is a state of optimal well-being, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. The services we provide can assist you in rebalancing, clearing, and transforming energetically what is necessary to achieve a more positive balanced state of well-being. In choosing our energy healing arts services you are choosing to enjoy improved whole health and wellbeing, increase positive energy flow, achieving greater enthusiasm for your life’s journey, awakening to your purpose for your life, transforming negative energy imprints at the blue print, cellular body, and transforming negative energy blocks. This process can enhanced a positive sense of well-being.

You must be able to make the guided, or perceived necessary changes in attitude, lifestyle, and take the responsibility to access the healer within you in order to complete this healing process successfully. Each energy healing session is approximately six (6) hours. This time includes creating sacred vortex for the healing treatment, four to five hours working with the client, and then closing the sacred space on completion of the healing treatment process.

Dorothea does not perform long distance healing for this energy healing treatment process. There is an in person ninety (90) minutes consultation before the treatment program begins. At this consultation the person can ask questions, the complete process is explained, an estimate is given based on the amount of treatment the person needs to complete the process, and for the Shaman and person to feel that this process fits the person’s intended choices. There is a fee of $180 for this consultation session.

The Whole Infinite Transformation & Healing Treatment Program Includes

The Holistic Life Coaching Consultation process can assist the client in guidance, coaching, directions, answering questions, concerns that can assist in the person’s transformational process.

Reiki energy treatment with crystals process can assist in improving the energy balance of the client, clearing negative energy patterns at the deepest level, aids in repairing the body’s healing system, nourishing the total components of spirit, mind, emotions and physical body. The crystals amplify the treatment to the master power of thirteen. Reiki positive universal life force energy goes to wherever it is needed to assist in continuing the healing process; and with creating a renewed state of positive balance and wellbeing.

The Energy Purification Process energy healing treatment process can transform and clear negative energy stressors and imprint at the root, blue print, and cellular level. This process includes healing through the luminous body and chakras, and extends to include the mental, emotional and, physical body. Negative experiences and trauma can influences human’s spirit, mind, and body to creating serious or life threatening physical, mental, and emotional negative imbalances.

Examples of how this process can assist with healing are:- transforming traumatic energies that stress the body and mind, clear negative imprints in the luminous energy field, giving the chakras the opportunity to repair itself, clear and transform energies at the blue print level of the spirit, mind and body, give the immune system an opportunity to heal itself, assist in transforming the negative energies of karma both personal and ancestral, awaken the complete potential of the whole brain, spirit, mind and body. On completion of the energy purification process the person can more effortlessly create more opportunities to transform old maps of negative habits, attitudes, relationship to self and others, lifestyle, and feelings.

In the past present and future children, spouse/partner, and ancestors of the person receiving the healing can also benefit from the person’s positive transformational healing process. Over time, through continuous practice the person can positively rebalanced themselves and their life creating an illuminated improved spirit, mind, and body which can improve and support positive health
and wellbeing.

The Extraction process can assist with the extraction of entities, intrusive energies, and crystallized energies. This healing process is combined and connected to the energy purification process. The extraction process can assist the individual in stepping beyond fear, to living in a state of more peace, and feeling connected and more whole.
This process facilitates clearing negative energy blocks that materialize in the physical body. When energies from negative situations and experiences are held for an extended length of time without resolving the negative experiences, the energies can extend themselves from the luminous energy body to a solid state extended within the physical body. Examples of situations are anger, suffering, divorce, a bitter feud, severe disappointment, personal curses, and ancestor curses, loss of a loved one by death or separation, child abuse, and trauma. Sometimes experiences can be carried over from past life times.

Crystallized energies are referred to as daggers, arrows, spears and swords. These energies can be removed physically using very careful energy techniques.

Intrusive energies develop and take up residence in the central nervous system or energy system of the body. These energies are fluid like water and can move around in the body in all directions. To attract, or create an intrusive energy situation the person usually have a plug or affinity to and with the intrusive energies affecting them. Some of the side effects of these energies can be experienced as anxiety, depression, addictions, mood swings, and other emotional imbalances.

Entities can be spirits of dead humans trapped between this world and the next. They can connect to the person’s chakra system, or connect to one or more chakra. Through the living human system the entity continues to live and feed. The toxic energy that the entity feed off is cleansed in the purification process which then encourages the entity to leave. An entity receives as much healing as it chooses during the energy purification process. The entity(s) can extract itself when the vibration of the person positively improves, or the entity can be extracted by the Shaman, sometimes a crystal specially made for this extraction process is used. When the entity is extracted by whatever means the Shaman assist the entity in crossing over to the realm of its vibration transition.

When entity(s) are a part of someone’s energy system body and mind the person can take on the personality of the entity(s). Someone that is fragile mentally and emotionally can become a host for entities. Entities can create the perception of different identities expressed by the individual, and in many other ways negatively affect the mental health of the person. Entities can be dead relatives, friends or strangers. Sometimes entities can be awakened from the person’s former life time; becoming awakened in the person’s unconscious during a difficult trauma or suffering experience as a shadow self-used for protection.

The Life Rights: This is the path of positively transforming to increased wholeness, and joy. Taking the sweetness out of all life experiences with grace, renewed commitments, and fearlessness; evolving to become a peaceful spiritual warrior. This is the path of listening and awakening to the wisdom of the ancient ones, and evolving to the present moment in peace. The Life Rights process can assist in clearing heavy emotional energies associated with self and others. Renewing and recapturing life in its current state, connecting to life as it is in the present, and clearing negative energies associated unfinished business with people including friends, spouse, children, family members, making peace and closure with anyone they perceived they had done wrong or have done wrong to them. These people can be living or dead.

The Life Rights process can give the client at a very deep level the opportunity to see their life very clearly, reviewing what should be changed to create the chosen love and wellbeing for themselves, and their family. Creating a clear path to the clients chosen destiny, shift the person’s whole spiritual energy system into a whole different higher positive vibration energy frequency. This improved positive vibration re-informs the mind and body at the core to heal itself to an even more transformative positive balance. This process can give the client the opportunity of experiencing rebirth, connecting to a fresh start taking the nectar out of life, and awakening to a more
purposeful life.

Sacred Alignment massage is done with the person fully clothed. This process is done after the Life Rights process. The process aligns and integrates the spirit, mind and body as an upgraded connected and interconnected union, and unit, reuniting as a whole spiritual energy system, mind and body, and improves the whole brain function. The process facilitates clearing and opening meridians, major energy gates, and acupuncture points from your head to the bottom of the feet. Through the physical body the electrical energy pathways are cleared, and naturally realigned from inside to outside. This process can create upgraded opportunities for the spirit, mind, and body to awaken and perform as one complete unit. This gives the whole persons the opportunity to re-wire and reprogramming itself from within. This can then naturally awaken the authentic potential of improved Spiritual growth, which then re- informs the mind and body to rejuvenate itself naturally from the person’s own positive authentic energy healing system.

Humans also need fresh air, nourishing healthy foods, sunlight, water, exercise, and rest as a part of holistic health and well-being.

The Art of Soul Retrieval process is the last process in facilitating this healing treatment program. Soul Retrieval process can assist in retrieving lost soul parts that can assist the individual in returning to a place of completeness and balance. The Shaman journeys to the four chambers of the soul, to the collective unconscious to retrieve lost parts of the self that might have left during trauma, in this life time or another lifetime. This can facilitate transforming the person from an unbalanced state to a whole and more completely balanced state. This process is done after the Purification, Extraction, Life Rights, and Sacred Alignment Massage process.
In a safe keeping dimension or perceived past is where the disconnected pure sacred parts of a person’s former life times, present lifetime, and past experience resides. When a traumatic experience occurs, a part of the person’s essence flees to a safer place in this safe keeping realm or collective unconscious. Soul retrieval can assist the individual in retrieving the lost parts of the self so they can live from a more balanced and more complete whole state of consciousness.

Soul retrieval includes visiting the chamber of Origins (or the source of the problem); the chamber of Contracts (a promise that was made associated with the experience, or supports the current state); the chamber of Grace (where the sacred healed energy form of the person resides in safety); the chamber of Treasures (a gift to assist symbolically in the repairing of the negative energy imbalance); and an animal totem (power animal to assist with returning to safety or productive instincts to integrate the whole Soul Retrieval process).

In addition to receiving professional medical and psychological therapy, Soul Retrieval can greatly assist in positively improving someone’s diagnosed mental, emotional imbalances, and diseases. This can then positively accelerate healing to a more positive whole long term state of positive
energy balance.

This Whole Infinite Transformational and Healing process can give the person a clearer path to unconditionally love, and to assist in creating their life’s purpose in whatever way they choose. The person can then choose to positively increase opportunities for spiritual growth and personal transformation, clearing negative energy imprints from the body’s energy electrical wiring system, transform wounds into source of empowerment compassion, assist individuals in living from a more clear and positive balanced state, improve, renew, and rebuild the interconnectedness of the chakras. With these positive benefits from this energy healing treatment program, the person can positively transform old negative maps and imprints, renew them self, enjoy life; and receive more opportunities to create new positive patterns that support love, light, peace, joy, contentment, positive balance, health, and wellbeing.

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