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Books by Dorothea Orleen Grant
Buy a book from the author Dorothea and you will receive a signed copy.


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Item # 001
Chakras Introduction to the Seven Major Energy Centers
Soft Cover $21

Chakras introduction to the seven||||

Item # 002
Enchantment Is Yours – A Journey of Spirit
Hard Cover $35.99 Soft Cover $17.99


Item # 003
Pathways – Tales for Everyone
Hard Cover $30.95
Soft Cover $12.99


Item # 004
Sacred Activation Tea Blends
Energize Blend $21.00 - Calming Blend - $18.00 - Passion Blend - $18.00

Sacred activation tea blends||||

Contact Information

Address Location - Oahu, Hawaii.

Contact by email ONLY - First option or Dorothea@dogcauniversalwellness

Phone number will be given on a need to do so basis.

All Shaman Energy Healing Treatments and Holistic Life Coaching Consultations will be done on the telephone long distance.